Exploring the Risks of Abortion Pills: What You Need to Know


The topic of abortion is a complex and sensitive one, and the decision to terminate a pregnancy is deeply personal. In recent years, medical abortion, often referred to as the abortion pill, has become a common choice for terminating pregnancies within the first ten weeks. While this method is depicted as a simple way to […]

Men and Abortion

Men and abortion-min

Since January, 1973, with the legalization of abortion in the US, the primary decision a woman makes in choosing abortion parenting, or adoption has been centered on “a woman’s right to choose.”   Does the father have rights and what about men and abortion?  The Supreme Court says the father does not have any legal rights. […]

Unplanned Pregnancy…Now What

Unplanned pregnancy... now what-min

About 46 percent of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned.  Which would mean that if you are reading this, you have found yourself in that same situation or know of someone who is. Perhaps you or a friend are seeking advice on what to do next. When facing an unplanned pregnancy, the first […]

Abortion Safety Protocol

Abortion Safety Protocol-min

So, you have missed a period. You took a home test and you are pretty sure you are pregnant. Maybe you have seen a doctor, and they confirmed your pregnancy. You are pregnant and you have your reasons why you can’t have a baby right now.  So, you’ve decided to get an abortion. We get […]