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Life Coaching

What Life Coaching Means for You

What is Life Coaching?  Life coaching is a coach who comes alongside you to see you where you are at and help you get to where you want to be.

I recall watching a commercial with a well-known basketball player and thinking, “He was not always a great basketball player”.  He had to work with someone behind the scenes that showed him different techniques and calling out some of the areas where growth needed to take place.   The coach had to come alongside the basketball player on the sidelines and outside the games calling out different plays to conduct and not conduct.

Even the best players and experts can benefit from a Life Coach. A Life Coach will listen to your story without judging or criticizing you. A coach can will help you determine action points significant to you to help you identify and make progress on your dreams and goals. A Life Coach can also provide great support during hard times.

We all have blind spots in our lives that we are unaware of and need some guidance. A Life Coach can help in areas that are challenging and approach beliefs that are crippling one from making genuine connections and have fulfilling relationships. They help individuals gain courage, strength and discover some of the passions they have as well as gain the confidence needed in overcoming life challenges that come unexpectedly.

A Life Coach helps to work on self-confidence and explore obstacles that have kept an individual stuck and enabling them to move forward. With Life Coaching, one can explore many different topics like personal goals and/or professional goals.  It is not just about dealing with the past, but closing the gap of where one is at and where they would like to be. Together an action plan is created that the individual and the coach are held accountable to achieve and fulfill.

In a coaching session, you are able to examine where you are at and discover what patterns have been beneficial for you. You take a look at some life challenges and misunderstandings about yourself and others that have occurred throughout life, learning to follow through in trusting yourself to revisit those areas. Life coaching helps with your personal life, goal setting, and dealing with life challenges. It helps an individual to get unstuck and create healthy habits, as well as learning how to have fun, unleash the gifts within, and improve relationships.  Furthermore, it helps create awareness in identifying your life purpose and reaching your goals.

People that have chosen to have a Life Coach have been successful in life because they have chosen to create a plan that will lead them to become a better individual. The role of a Life Coach is to help provide the tools needed to help achieve goals and carry out the vision for yourself at the same time providing accountability. It is a great resource to utilize that allows an individual to move forward in life. Everyone has life challenges but it is what you do with them that matters. With each challenge, there is always a solution that eventually becomes part of your story.

At Choices Women’s Clinic in Orlando, Florida, we offer Life Coaching for our clients. Together we explore areas of life that have been challenging and help shape you into a stronger, healthier person empowered to move forward. The goal is to gain new tools to deal with life challenges and achieve happiness and true fulfillment in your personal life. We want to support you to become the best version of you! You are worth it!