Pregnancy Options

Pregnant and not sure what to do? When you come to Choices Women’s Clinic for a free pregnancy test, we will present you with all the pregnancy options that are available to you. Before you make your decision, it is crucial that you know for sure if you are pregnant and how far along you are. Our medical team can answer all of these questions for you with professional accuracy. Learn more about your options and what to expect next, schedule a free and confidential appointment.

These three ideas will help both of you get through this time and make informed decisions about the future.

  • Assure her that she is not alone, and that you will be there for her.
  • Try to understand her fears, and admit you have fears, too.
  • Get some coaching from a trusted source about your options.

Try to understand what her fears may be, and resolve to be there for her. It’s important to slow down and take one step at a time. For this reason, Choices Women’s Clinic has been helping couples navigate their pregnancy decisions since 1983.

Many times women think they may be pregnant at the first symptom of pregnancy without taking a test…or they take a store-bought test, which can be inaccurate. At this point, she needs a medical pregnancy test and an ultrasound to see if she is really pregnant or not. We can provide that FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.


You might be thinking: “This can’t be happening to me!
We were so careful…
She was on the pill; I used a condom. Isn’t that enough?

Every method of birth control has its failure rate. If you’re having sex, pregnancy can occur. It’s a risk you take. Most men like to make decisions based on facts. We can provide the facts you need:

  • Is she really pregnant? Home tests are unreliable; get medical confirmation.
  • How far along is she? Gestational age determines abortion costs.
  • What are the options, and how much can you influence her decision?

We have trained Patient Advocates who can help. We understand that the decision involves you too, not just the pregnant woman. If you think she may be pregnant, bring her in and get the facts.

  • We use a lab-quality pregnancy test administered by a medical professional.
  • We offer a medical consultation with a nurse.
  • We offer a limited obstetrical ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.

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