What Is The Difference Between STI And STD

difference between sti and std

People usually use the terms STI and STD interchangeably, but there is a difference between them. STI stands for sexually transmitted infection, while STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. An infection occurs when bacteria or viruses enter and grow in your body. An infection may not always lead to an illness or disease. On the […]

The Pressure of Sex

Pressure of Sex

It seems like from the moment you learn about sex at a young age, the pressure to have sex is on.  Whether you are single, dating or even just friends with the opposite sex, the pressure to have sex can be an issue. This is especially true among teenagers and men and women of college […]

Getting An Abortion In Florida What Is Legal

can you get an abortion in florida

Getting pregnant is undoubtedly a fantastic experience, but the circumstances around pregnancy can be complex. In some cases, women cannot continue with their pregnancies for various reasons, and this is what brings about abortion. For some women, choosing to have an abortion may be the best option for their physical, emotional, and financial well-being. However, […]

What Is Oral Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

oral sexually transmitted diseases

Oral sexually transmitted diseases, or STDs, encompass a range of infections primarily transmitted through sexual activities involving the mouth. The transmission primarily occurs when one indulges in oral sex with an infected partner, facilitating the exchange of bodily fluids that carry the pathogens causing these diseases. Oral STDs can have serious repercussions if left untreated, […]

Exploring the Risks of Abortion Pills: What You Need to Know


The topic of abortion is a complex and sensitive one, and the decision to terminate a pregnancy is deeply personal. In recent years, medical abortion, often referred to as the abortion pill, has become a common choice for terminating pregnancies within the first ten weeks. While this method is depicted as a simple way to […]

Men and Abortion

Men and abortion-min

Since January, 1973, with the legalization of abortion in the US, the primary decision a woman makes in choosing abortion parenting, or adoption has been centered on “a woman’s right to choose.”   Does the father have rights and what about men and abortion?  The Supreme Court says the father does not have any legal rights. […]

Where Can I Get Free Std Testing?

free std testing

STDs, or Sexually Transmitted Diseases, are infections primarily passed from one person to another during sexual contact. Bacteria, viruses, or parasites may cause these diseases, ranging from prevalent conditions such as chlamydia and herpes to less common ones like syphilis and HIV. Testing for STDs is critical for anyone sexually active, as many of these […]

8 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound What To Expect

8 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound What To Expect

Are you ready to witness the miraculous moments of your baby’s early development? Imagine seeing their tiny heart beating for the first time, confirming the joyous reality of your pregnancy. The 8-week ultrasound brings you closer to your little one, allowing you to glimpse their growing limbs, developing organs, and the promise of new life. […]

Pregnancy Test With Weeks Indicator

Pregnancy Test With Weeks Indicator

Are you looking for a pregnancy test that tells you if you are pregnant and how far your pregnancy is? Look no further than the Pregnancy Test With Weeks Indicator. This innovative device provides reliable and accurate results even if you do home pregnancy tests with a button. Pregnancy can commonly bring about various symptoms, […]

How Many Trimesters Are In A Pregnancy?

How many pregnancy trimesters

Are you considering starting a family, or have you recently discovered it’s been a long since your last menstrual period? Congratulations! Pregnancy is an exciting time but can also be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time mother. At Choices Women’s Clinic, we understand that navigating pregnancy can be challenging, and we’re here to […]