Love is in the Air

February has long been ear-marked as a time in which love just seems to blossom. Maybe it causes us to pause and think about what it means to love or what love should look like in our lives, or even… who is my special Valentine? For you, this month might be one, huge dish of excitement and thrill topped with warm feelings or maybe a time that’s just a reminder that a special love connection is lacking in your life.

Letting love in seems so natural for some, while others see it fail time and time again. Factors bigger than we want to admit or face might be hindering our relationships. We learn (sometimes at an early age) that loving can get us hurt. Whether its friend relationships, familial, or romance… it can stop us in our tracks and cause us to doubt its realness. It begins to shape us as individuals. We might operate defensively by shutting off intimate ties- where no one gets in; or we might compensate by becoming over-doers or over-givers. If we could just do enough/ give enough, we could make them love us. So, we work hard to gain approval, acceptance, & love. We might eventually settle- believing that it’s enough, or maybe believe we’re not worth more. That we can sacrifice our desires, needs, beliefs, and worth to keep from being alone.

Sometimes we can confuse love for feelings of infatuation, a one-sided feeling, or just close friendship. Sexual feelings can move us to act impulsively before the relationship has matured. Often this can lead to disappointment, a broken heart, as well as feelings of low self-worth.

It is important to evaluate our relationships and think about how other people – friend or romantic – make us feel. True love shows respect, affection, concern, and admiration. True love does not subject you to humiliation or any form of abuse. True love should encompass a variety of POSITIVE emotional and mental states.

Here at Choices Women’s Clinic in Orlando, FL, we understand you might be facing struggles and hurt of past and present. Fears, isolation, or confusion might cause you to become overwhelmed by the unknown. Many questions might be swirling in your mind. We hope to give you a safe landing place where your voice is heard, where your fears are validated, and your needs are honored. We want to empower you with information. We embrace you for you. We celebrate your worth! There is no one like YOU in this world. You, and all your uniqueness matters. You are an expression of love.

Love is all around. It’s in the smile from another, in the company of a friend or family, it’s a reassuring hug you needed to feel. Love is spending time doing things that make you feel positive, connecting to the true “you” inside, taking care of yourself, its laughter. Let yourself feel love. Today… and in this month of love… we encourage you to experience the expressions of love that are all around you. You are loved.

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